The growth of air transport brings many challenges to Air Traffic Management systems. One way to address these challenges is to exploit methods from Complexity Science. This symposium brings together 12 leading experts in this area, who will discuss future challenges in six sessions of 90 minutes each:

  1. Network Resilience
  2. Statistical Mechanics
  3. Network Dynamics
  4. Network Epidemiology
  5. Human Factors
  6. Complexity/Data Science
Each session is headed by two experts, who present the state of the art in their area for 60 minutes. Afterwards, there is a 30 minute slot for discussion among all experts and the audience. We will publish a special issue in the Chinese Journal of Aeronautics, where each expert contributes an article on his area of expertise.

The symposium is hosted and organized by National Key Laboratory of CNS/ATM, Beihang University, together with Innaxis Research Institute and Foundation. For more information on the symposium please click on the links at the top of this page and also have a look at our symposium flyer!